24/7 Access, Improved Productivity, and Reliability? That’s Customer Service.

When it comes to customer service, everyone claims to have the best. But what does that really mean? At Commonwealth USA Settlements, we believe that the best customer service not only comes from person to person interaction, but by using technologies that improve our company’s entire workflow and enhance transparency with our clients. That’s why we recently implemented ACCESS, a secure transaction management portal that guarantees communication and accountability at every step.

ACCESS gives all our customers; lenders, notaries, attorneys, real estate brokers/agents, sales teams, borrowers, etc., admittance to view documents, notes, and statuses of their transactions in real-time, 24/7. Securing nonpublic personal information (NPI) is at the very top of Commonwealth USA’s list of priorities, that is why transaction viewing is granted on an individual/role basis.

ACCESS has many technological benefits to make using the platform simple and safe; Cloud/offsite electronic document storage and archiving solution is a secure interface that generates reliable document storing and archiving,

  1. Barcode technology makes scanning documents to the website quick, easy, and secure.

  2. With ACCESS’s Microsoft Outlook/Word add in, you can publish received documents and emails directly from Word to your transaction.

  3. And much more.

While customers can view everything on their own, ACCESS’s key functionality is communications. Keeping it simple, email and fax are always secure options; however, if users are on-the-go and not using the site, communication via text messaging is also available.

Simple and easy to navigate ACCESS; all information pertaining to your transactions in one place, so you can focus on your core business. Contact Commonwealth USA to gain ACCESS today. access@commonwealthllc.com

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