Who Writes a Blog About Leadership?  We do.  Here’s why.

It’s possible for a business or an entire industry to have purpose without leadership. But is it possible to succeed when its leadership lacks purpose?

We at Commonwealth USA will be asking that question here again and again. You see, we believe that the mortgage and real estate industry has come to a point in its history where change and transformation are the norm. How one views change probably skews the way he or she views the mortgage industry right now. For some, the turmoil and constant change that have become the norm are threats to be addressed, one at a time, as they arrive. But for others, including us, now is the perfect time to push one of America’s most noble transactions and the industry that enables it to a place that is more consumer-friendly; more productive and more profitable than ever before.

But that will require leadership with a purpose. Leadership with a clear and sustainable vision. Leadership able to adapt if and when the world around it changes.

That’s why we’re devoting our corporate blog to leadership. Compelling profiles of great leaders, past and present; mortgage and non-mortgage related. Examples of leadership—historic and every day. Discussions of where leadership is needed for our industry right now.

In the course of our discussions, you won’t be surprised to find we have a little to say about ourselves, as well. But, we promise, you may not even notice. We hope you’ll come back again and again because you find the story we tell to be interesting; thought-provoking and, perhaps, even useful. We also encourage your thoughtful comments and questions. Just email us at media@commonwealthllc.com, subject: Blog Insight.

We’re probably not the only people in and around the housing and mortgage space who sense that we’re at a crossroads. However, we believe that it will take leadership with a purpose to push this great enterprise to be something even more special than it already is. We’re ready to do our part in determining what that leadership should look like.

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