Our commitment to superior service is old fashioned.

Our willingness to be held accountable for it is not.

Service providers like to talk about their customer service; but some forget that excellent customer service requires more than good marketing copy. Commonwealth USA consistently sets—and beats—the standard with comprehensive Service Level Agreements.  And in the unlikely event we’re not meeting, and exceeding, those standards, we’ll be holding ourselves accountable to them.  In fact, we’re willing to create SLA standards for clients which may not have them, Commonwealth is happy to provide this service.  We’re confident we measure up.

While we’re proud of an operational strategy that leverages technology, settlement services still require (and always will) good old-fashioned manpower. That’s true in any industry regulated on a state-by-state basis.  That’s why we’ve carefully staffed our business with experience and expertise. You’ll find our associates to be versatile, knowledgeable, and experienced. There’s no transaction—and no challenge—we haven’t seen. It’s something our clients appreciate when they send us the most complex of their orders.

​In this new era of compliance and regulatory accountability, Commonwealth also measures up in the way it manages its own vendors. At a time when a mortgage lender can be held accountable for the errors or actions of its fourth party service providers, Commonwealth has built a transparent, documented and consistent system of vendor management.  We hold our own vendors to the same rigorous standards we’re held to.  Our oversight and management techniques are ongoing.  We regularly report on the performance of our partner network. And we have comprehensive (and documented) processes in place to manage service providers at all levels of performance.

Lenders don’t have time to manage fourth party service providers. With Commonwealth, they don’t have to.​