Hon. Joseph J. Murin
Chairman Emeritus of Chrysalis Holding as well as the Chairman of JJAM Financial LLC, a financial services holding company. Over the course of a career spanning forty-five years, Mr. Murin has served as President of the Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae), leading the agency through one of the industry’s most challenging periods (2008 – 2009).  Under his leadership, Ginnie Mae provided much-needed liquidity to the industry while growing its portfolio from $350 billion to $840 billion.  During that time, Ginnie Mae also expanded its penetration into Asian markets from 30% to 48%. Mr. Murin also co-founded The Collingwood Group, LLC, a leading Washington D.C.-based strategic consulting firm.  He has served as the CEO or at similar leadership-level positions with companies such as ANC Acquisitions (a Fortress Investment Group company); Century Mortgage, Basis 100, Lender’s Service Inc., and MSNi LLC.  Mr. Murin is actively involved with the board of trustees as Investment Committee Chairman for Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA and Chairman of the Governance committee of the board of directors for Cherry Hill Mortgage Investments.