Revolutionizing the settlement industry one solution at a time.

The mortgage finance industry is one steeped in tradition.  Old-fashioned values such as loyalty, honor and trust still play an important role when it comes to doing business. Commonwealth USA holds these values dearly, while asking “What if there were a better way to get the job done?” Because, having traditional values should not preclude continuous improvement.  


Our goal is to improve the experience for you and your borrowers by regularly seeking innovative ways to expedite the title and settlement process. The leaders at Commonwealth understands its vision and have the courage to ask “why”; the ability to embrace change; and the hindsight to remember why we’re here.


It’s an approach that we hope will revolutionize the way lender clients view title insurance agencies.

Innovative Solutions

Commonwealth USA’s management has a passion for constantly evaluating new and innovative solutions to add to our complete line of services.  Our leaders maintain the foresight to build on to our already secure infrastructure.


Commonwealth USA is more than a title and settlement service agency; we provide purposeful and valuable solutions to the mortgage lending industry.