Digitally Focused

Commonwealth USA is continually investigating advancements in technology that can aid in the development of cost effective, process efficient, transparent and secure solutions. Being “fully digital” allows us to digitally manage and access our documents and storage in a neat and organized manner.


Don’t forget about the environmental benefits of using less paper! We hope to set an example for other title insurance companies so that they may process their transactions and deliver top-notch results with much more ease.

  • Fraud Protection

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  • eClosings/eRecordings

    • E (Electronic) Signatures are a new, yet extremely helpful innovation, making the closing process run much more smoothly and easily.  When combined with our fraud protection services, providing an online signature is quite the same as signing face-to-face, just without the hassle of what could be a pretty far travel. Sign documents, close your deal, and feel secure all in no time.