Applying Your College Degree in an Industry You Have Never Heard Of

In a previous blog, I mentioned the unrealistic expectations that educational institutions preach to students about their life post college graduation. The main one being along the lines of, “You will get a job in your chosen field if you attend this college.” This idea is pushed onto students from the moment they begin touring campuses to select a school. Why? Because colleges are businesses, they want their money. It’s hard to swallow, but it’s real.


Indeed, knowledge is power, and college taught me a lot. I learned how to think critically, grew at levels unimaginable, and gained memories for a lifetime; but it would have been nice to get a reality check, too. Something like:


  1. “It takes some time to find a job,”

  2. “Earning a degree in ______is not an automatic qualification to a job in ______,”

  3. “Getting a job in a field that you didn't go to college for is okay, too. Your skills are valuable and transferable.”


The truth is, as a recent college graduate you might end up working in an industry that you never thought you’d be in, or even in a position that you are overqualified for. This is all a part of the process called “life.” Some people get lucky and get a job in their field, are challenged daily, and make a decent wage. For others, it doesn’t mean you are unlucky, it just means that you are off to a different start. Labor economist Stephen Rose found that “One out of every four workers with a bachelor’s degree is overqualified for their jobs.”  If you are feeling that you have been shorted, know that,


“. . .no matter how the economy is faring, the overqualification rate is disproportionately high for workers who are just out of college and in their early 20s. By the time workers reach their late 20s, the rate drops significantly...In other words, working your way into a good job after college has long been a part of the reality of launching one’s career.” (Mulhere)



Everyone's on his or her own unique path for a reason. We ought to not feel like our time or money was wasted on a degree that will “never be used,” because that’s not true. No matter what you studied, you will make use of your knowledge - even if it isn’t in the job you expected. The point is to be persistent in that not-so dream job and do your best in the opportunity you are given. That initial experience is what will help you work your way into the career that you are aiming for. How about that for some realistic expectations? Colleges - take notes.



I majored in Communications and concentrated in video production, did I think I would end up in marketing and communications for a title insurance company? No, because I didn't even know this industry existed. My advice for recent grads is to explore the opportunities of the unknown during the job searching process. There are a lot of them. You just never know what is out there or what you can bring to the table of a company or industry you never heard of.



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