ACCESS - Transaction Management for the Future.

One of our core values at Commonwealth USA is innovation. So, when it comes to technology, keeping up with the latest advancements happens naturally. Utilizing these technologies to aid in running a more effective and efficient business is not only a goal for us, but for our lender-clients and borrowers alike. Our knack for innovation is just one of the unique qualities to Commonwealth USA, and what sets us apart from other title companies.

We have recently implemented a new technology solution called ACCESS. ACCESS will allow all our customers; lenders, notaries, attorneys, real estate brokers/agents, sales teams, internal Commonwealth USA teams, borrowers, etc., to have access to their transactions.

ACCESS will provide our clients with a secure portal, transparency in the transaction and communication process, and accountability through the time/date stamp feature. Each party to the transaction will have the ability to see documents, notes, and statuses in real-time.

We hope you are excited about these new advances we are making, as they are important to the integrity of Commonwealth USA.